Walk It Off

Walk It Off

by Chris Biles

These mountains could rim the world.
Walk it off
under the varied light of the unattainable.
Day, night, twilight, dusk, dawn:
each has its own emotion,
each emotion feeds the others,
adding fuel through confusion
until its power overwhelms,
until cold tears drip down tender cheeks.

Walk it off
in these mountains,
balancing on the edges of knives,
walk down those blades:
the only choice.
You put yourself here.
In doubt.
In hate.
In anger.
But life is too full of regrets,
so why not see the beauty?

Why not listen to the rocks of the mountains?
They have sat
for so long
endless meditation
attempting to understand the caress of the clouds.

Ask them
how to fill a lifetime
with the sole feeling
of fluttering wings against your cheek.

Ask them
how to close your eyes
against the cold winds
that whip to make you weep.

Ask them
how to disappear,
like the diaphanous face of daylight’s moon,
fading into the scattered clouds
of a melancholy morning.

We are only what the world makes us.
And since these mountains could rim the world,
walk it off.