Lessons of Love

Lessons of Love

by Chris Biles

The sun is warm
and you are the moon that finds
a home in the daylight blue.
Instead of staring at ceilings,
I blow in the breeze and look up
at the play of clouds around your peaceful face.

Only love can enter here
– and the feathers that float unseen,
destined to land on the surface of some
small pond, to make some
small ripple there.

The stars in your sky,
when it comes time for them to shimmer,
are all fireflies, visible then gone,
here then there, always
within reach.
They come and go like my ambition.
But you don’t have to be ambitious to see love
when it exists.

You don’t have to chase the stars
when one will alight in your palm
if you but reach out with patience.

You don’t have to be lost
if you simply float, a playful puff of cloud,
towards the surface of some water
where some small purpose awaits
in some small ripple.

Only love can enter here,
and I look up and breathe in your exhalation,
I see your peaceful face,
I settle silently
into the impressions in the grass of tomorrow.