Falling Like the Rain (Pt.1 & 2)

Falling like the Rain Pt. 1 & 2

by Chris Biles

Pt. 1

The rain falls for no one.

Miles from where you are,
a body collapses,
looking for a place to start,
knees sink into the mud,
shoulders feel the pound and pull
of the raging rain.

Miles from where you are,
drunken men sit alone
to find faults in silence,
draw straight lines, exhausted,
soft skin weeping,
close their eyelids,
pray that something picks them up,
sets them down
somewhere without the need
to wade through water.

Miles from where you are,
fidgeting fingers feel the cracks that creep
from the dark corners of a ceiling:
crying cracks,
leaking those tears of the sky,
those that thought
they could hide.

Miles from where you are,
brothers hold hands and look
into the face of a long-lost mother:
she had her choices,
she has her ladder now,
and she knows droplets of dew
can always become stars,
but she will not touch, because they will fall.

Miles from where you are,
a woman is molded to a hardwood floor,
fallen from a turning table,
deserted by the patter of those dark droplets
against the window pane –
she can’t reach them anymore,
can’t see her face reflected in the glass,
tears dripping
on both sides –
eaten alive by a soft reflection.

Pt. 2

The rain falls for no one.

Sit in the mud,
on the cold ground,
try to get your story straight,
linger on the holes in your truth,
the lies of omission.

When it’s time to give up,
raise a toast
to the world on fire,
to heat, to light, to a cloud of dust upon collapse,
to burning brighter than the sun.

Then raise a toast
to the failing of the light,
– because no flame burns forever –
to smoke, to vapor, the unattainable,
to the sizzle that marks all endings.

And when it’s time to give up again,
raise a toast
to being carried home at night
by the gentle sound of rain on the roof,
the sound of being called
by a whisper
to slip into a cave without warmth
as the sky finally falls,
to a ground that will become a wasteland
of still water, reflecting the sky,
forcing you to float forever after
in the space between.