Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

by Chris Biles

When capitillars become catipalists
the fountain of chocolate syrup sprays forth
and little orange kids with mossy green hair swim in its pool.
They’re all brown now.

When dindercella loses her slass glipper
pumpkins grow as big as castles
and Jimmy sails over the ocean inside of one.
The raging cloud hippo won’t get him in there.

When Peetie pecks a pack of parslied potatoes
the pelicans down on the pier protest
through mouthfuls of fresh and flopping fish.
Peetie keeps on pecking.

When children turn orange
from eating too many giant pumpkins,
which only started to grow
because of a missing slass glipper,
but now are unassailable sailing vessels,
which pelicans love riding on,
unless Peetie is riding on the same giant pumpkin,
pecking away like always –

And when fountains of chocolate syrup
attract green haired children to their pools
with the tricky intention of turning every one
into brown, sticky whippersnappers,
great, biting turtles, to venture forth
and find that hulking hippo in the so-called heavens
staring down at those pesky, prolific pelicans
with one dream: to eat their fabulously flopping fish –

And when parslied potatoes are sold down on the pier
that Peetie would like to call his home
and does, when all of those pelicans are out on a pumpkin,
floating with Jimmy over the ocean,
which does in fact have chocolate syrup in it
when the fountain goes a bit crazy and spills out,
attempting to slime up even more adolescents
orange skinned and green haired
who’d call that chocolate syrup pollution
if they didn’t like it so much –

When dindercella finds a pack of parslied potatoes
that Peetie had stopped pecking when he saw a slass glipper
with a capitillar hiding inside, fleeing from a gang of catipalists,
the volcano tends to erupt,
freezing people
(who once, at one point in their lives
had mossy green hair and orange skin)
in a blast of ash.
The only way to crack the catastrophic casing is a bit of laughter –
laugh, frozen people, laugh!

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