It’s all Crystal clear

It’s all Crystal clear

by Chris Biles

I am named again
when all the roads loop back
to the numbers
and the numberless.
We are the future selves they fear to see,
cousins with such tragic eyes
parted from old certainties,
chosen for gentle hands
to harvest spiders without
waking them from desperate dreams.

The mountains are proclaiming glory
but they can’t be seen,
so our lonely trail is blazed
back into ourselves,
and this is where
the clichés about the freedom of the birds,
and their absolute freedom from care,
become meaningful.

I am the vessel of a bitter truth,
bloated with bloody thoughts,
inflated sacrifices.
I am a body that has slowly
memorized the ways of pain,
only vaguely familiar in its echo
of half-remembered beauty.
And I am endlessly named again
when all the roads loop back.

One thought on “It’s all Crystal clear

  1. Christine,
    I enjoyed your poetry. It has a lot of depth and polish. I am glad you are following a path to greatness. The Peace Corps is a good way to learn and help those less fortunate while learning first hand about grass roots of society. I miss you and David and I heard he is doing well also. Please stay safe. I hope someone is looking out for you in a strange land.
    Best wishes for success.
    Ben Cometa

    PS: you are always welcome to visit anytime you are in the Atlanta area. Just give me a call @770-856-8426.

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