On Loving – A Glimpse

I’ve decided to start collecting some poems to publish – eventually. The collection as I currently envision it will have three parts: On Living, On Loving, On Losing. Living, Loving, Losing, each is a window into experience – mine, your’s, other’s – the impact different for each of us. For me, the goal of art, the goal of poetry is for people to peer through the glass and feel their hearts connect in some way. We all experience life, love, and loss in different ways. But unified in our differences, as we take day by day, we are each and every one of us shaped into a composition both singular and beautiful. That you are you and I am me and I see you and you see me is what brings us all together.

Below is a glimpse into the On Loving section…

A Look in the Mirror

You are a tulip at dusk.
Dark form in solitude
slender curves
details hidden
by approaching darkness
details awaiting discovery
by those who dare.
You’ll stand proud
in an hour
exposed to naked moonlight
because that light is cold
and must be embraced.
But to be embraceable:

not you.

You stand in solitude
and we search
and we stare
well aware
that your secrets are what make you
but come morning
scars will be hidden
by the lingering light of the stars
and your petals will stretch
in the warmth of the sun
and you will smile
and laugh
and forget the past
taking day by day
as a beautiful flower.


Becoming Velvet

Flowers are not meant
to be made of stone.
Petals must bend
to the touch, respond:
smooth but not polished, soft
like tissue, soft
like skin,
Fragility masked
by strength, hard, cold
façade of stone
can be softened
by the answer to a question
I did not yet know how to ask,
by velvet
petals bending to the touch,
responding, soft
like tissue, soft
like skin, soft
like your lips
on my naked neck, soft
like your finger pressing
the palm of my hand.
In the moonlight
flowers may look like stone
black and white
and a whole world of gray,
but together we are soft,
like tissue, soft
like skin, soft
like velvet petals on velvet petals
on velvet petals on petals on petals
on petals.



You look out the window
morning light flooding through
the chasm
by your pulling back
of the curtains

Your body
is fearless

I wonder
if you make it a habit
of pulling back curtains
of creating
of letting the light in

We are deep
we may get lost
into every corner
the light reaches
and you are there
showing me
that the sum of all
my flaws
sunrise on skin
is skin freed
from clothing’s confines
is your fearless body
by the light of day
is mine

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